Drinking and driving

The dangers of drinking and driving

By: Stormy Ward

Drinking and driving is dangerous in many ways. One way that drinking and driving is dangerous is that you could wreck because everything around you is blurry. Most people get drunk and their eyeight is blurry, that's why they have a hard time walking. A lot of people drink and drive. Decrease eyesight is one dangerous way of drinking and driving.

Another dangerous way drinking and driving is slow reaction time. When people are drunk they don't react as normal as they would if they was sober. For example if a car was in front of you and they step on their brakes suddenly, it will take longer for your brain to function and know whats going on. Another example is if someone was to walk in front of you to cross the street your brain would take longer to know what's happening. There's a lot of different dangerous ways of drinking and driving.

Maggie king, one of the students at PBHS had a good thought when she said "don't drink and drive"