I would love to travel to far places. I have never been in an airplane. I like to drive by car, I think I would be scared to travel in a airplane, but I would have to if I'm going far. I went to Florida and it was really fun and pretty there. Going on vacation is fun because its something new. New places are fun because it looks different and may have different stores and resturants than your hometown. I think an airplane would be okay. If I really want to go then I would get in an airplane. I mostly like driving by car but sometimes you got to overcome your fears and just do it if you want to go so bad.


I want to go to France, California, and The Bahamas. I want to go to France because I want to see the Eiffel tower. I also get to know france better. I'll learn new things about France.I want to watch the sunset, I heard the sunsets there are really pretty. I want to go to one of their museums.

The second place i want to go is California because my friend has been there and she liked it a lot. She went to see family and she went to the beach. It would be fun if we would go together one day. It was sunny down there and it looked like a nice place to go. She said that the beach was pretty and she had a lot of fun.

The thrid place I want to go is to the Bahamas because the beaches there are so pretty. I want to go to one of their stores and get stuff. I would like to visit the Forts of Nassau. Also, I want to take pictures of the different things they have that I never seen before. I would just tour around the bahamas

I been to florida. My step dad drove there. We went to the beach . We got shells and we went to the stores there. We had a lot of fun. We played in the sand. We ate ice cream there. We took pictures on the beach and stuff. We also went to georiga on the way back home. It was pretty there too. My favorite thing we did was go shopping or go to the beach. I was young when we when, i haven't been on vacation in a long time. I also been to south carolina and tennessee with my dad to see my step moms family and stuff. We stayed in a hotel by the beach. My favorite thing was the motel by the beach.

The first picture is a sunset with trees. The second picture is blacked out. What i did was go in photoscape and go to editor. I used the black and white filter. I wanted to make it look like night time while the first one was the sunset.

In this before and after picture I used blur brush and paint brush. I went to the editor on photoscape and painted the birds. After I painted the bird I blurred the clouds. You can see that in the first picture the birds are there. In the other picture the birds are gone and all you can see is the sunset.

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